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Is there Something Wrong with Mom’s Sleep?

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The aging body has more needs than that of a younger and more youthful one. In fact, we know exactly that you are filled with puzzles as you provide exemplary and selfless care to your mother’s needs.

This Mother’s day,Better Living Home Healthcare takes you on an exploration of the sleeping changes in older adults. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about seniors and their change of sleep:

  1. How many hours does my patient have to sleep?
    In order to be fully alert the next day, older adults need 7 or 8 hours of sleep. If your mother is 65 years or older, she should be getting these hours of sleep. But once she turns older, there may be factors that give her troubles in sleeping.
  2. What sleep changes should I expect from mom in the years to come?
    No older adult is the same. For once, others may experience insomnia, while there are those who fall asleep earlier and even easier. Some adults find it hard to fall asleep after waking up earlier in the morning. If you are troubled by changes in your mom’s sleeping pattern, consult your doctor to be safe.

  3. What are some of the common reasons why an older adult experiences sleep problems?
    There are a number of reasons why sleep problems occur. These reasons are as follows:

    • Changes in chemicals and hormones
      Once an adult reaches the age of 65, there will be a change in his or her biological clock. As we age, the chemicals and hormones that aids us in sleeping well will fall short.
    • Lifestyle and habits
      Some lifestyles and habits can prevent you from having a good night’s rest. These include smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking that cup of Joe.
    • Illness
      There are certain illnesses that cause a person to not enjoy a good night’s rest. Ask your doctor about it.
    • Medication
      A side effect of medication includes feeling drowsy. There are also others that stop you from feeling sleepy. Consult experts like a pharmacist to know what you can do to your medication to help your elderly get her needed sleep.
    • Sleep disorder
      These things exist. Consult the doctor if you suspect that your mom may be suffering from the following:

      • Sleep apnea – repeated cessation of breathing while asleep
      • Restless leg syndrome – feeling uncomfortable with one’s legs when sitting or sleeping
      • Periodic limb movement disorder – condition when a person repeatedly kicks one or both legs during sleep

To help mom sleep soundly, you need Skilled Nursing Care. Our staff, nurses and caregivers providing Healthcare Services in PA are capable of providing your mom her needed professional healthcare services at home.

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