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5 Tips to Make Hospital Discharge an Easier Process for Seniors

caregiver taking careYour elderly loved one must be physically ready to be discharged from the hospital. It can be stressful for both seniors and their families to adjust to the hospital environment and then transition back to the home environment, most especially if they stayed in the hospital for quite a long time. Here are some tips that can help you prepare for your elderly loved one’s “Home Sweet Home” moment after being discharged from the hospital.

  1. Make sure the house is clean and conducive to recovery.
    Patients who just got back from the hospital must be observed and taken care of properly, so as to prevent the sickness from coming back or from getting worse. Make sure the house makes your elderly loved one feel good to be back home.
  2. Prepare medications and medical supplies needed.
    The doctor would probably prescribe a few medical supplies as you leave the hospital to ensure a full recovery. Prepare your elderly loved one’s needs and take note of how to store and when to take the medications. Your elderly loved one depends on your knowledge of these medical items, so you have to be keen on this.
  3. Nutritious food is a must.
    Your elderly loved one must have received a good plate of nutritious food while they were in the hospital. You should continue balancing your loved one’s diet at home. If the doctor established some restrictions on what kind of food your loved one should eat, follow his/her advice diligently. Do not take your doctor’s advice for granted if you want your loved one to recover smoothly.
  4. Orient other family members about your loved one’s health.
    When your loved one just returned from the hospital, it is wise to let others know about his/her state of health. While it is nice for the family to welcome the senior back and to move on from the recent challenge of being hospitalized, everyone should be aware that recovery takes time. Everyone in the family should understand that treating the newly discharged patient as if everything is back to normal only subjects the patient to stress. Leave your elderly loved one to rest and recover without hassle.
  5. You can always ask for help when taking care of your loved one.
    You might have to face some of your responsibilities again as your loved one snuggles up in bed to recover. When the situation becomes too difficult or messy to handle, you should not hesitate to ask for help from your other loved ones or to employ the knowledge and skills of professional caregivers.

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